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The Apologetic Church With All Due Respect

In a world in which Christianity is losing its cultural dominance, and under fire for various reasons, should Christians strongly defend the church, or should they be apologetic about its wrongdoing? There seems to be a wide spectrum between those who want to claim western society will regret abandoning its Christian foundations, and those who are quick to call it out from the inside. Whichever way you look at it, Church history is at the forefront of the public conversation. Michael and Megan take a look at this phenomenon and then interview John Dickson about where his book, Bullies and Saints fits into this spectrum. Then the WADR duo finishes with the critically acclaimed 2020 film Minari, which tells a slice of 1980s church history.
  1. The Apologetic Church
  2. Faithful poetry
  3. The Delta Mandate
  4. How to have an argument
  5. Christian Celebrity
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