Our podcast is called With All Due Respect (or WADR for short), and it is part of the Eternity Podcast Network. Listen to episodes below or browse past episodes here.

Media and Christian Responsibility With All Due Respect

Michael Jensen and Megan Powell du Toit delve into the world of the mass media, examining its potential bias against Christianity and asking how responsible we are for the public's misinformation about the Christian faith.The WADR team begins with a consideration of the classic film and media magnate commentary, Citizen Kane. Then they tackle the fraught relationship between Christianity and the media in For Argument's Sake.And for the season finale, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull joins the show to discuss what is wrong with the media today.
  1. Media and Christian Responsibility
  2. The Problem of Masculinity
  3. The Cross-centred Christian
  4. God in the Public Square
  5. Friendship
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