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Sexual Gospel With All Due Respect

On a special edition of 'For Argument's Sake', Michael and Megan dissect the fallout from The Gospel Coalitions' recent endorsement – and swift recant –  of a controversial extract from Joshua Butler's new book Beautiful Union, which drew parallels between the saving work of Christ, and sexual intercourse between husband and wife. Our hosts then explore why the article was published, the dangers of applying such theology within marriage, and what structural and cultural shortcomings the saga has exposed within TGC.Numerous theologians and academics who lent their names to the book – and by extension the article –  have since withdrawn their endorsements, with some writing follow-up articles in the wake of the scandal.Joshua Butler has since resigned as a Gospel Coalition Centre fellow, and will not be involved with planned TGC events for 2023.Extra reading on the issue can be found below. LINKS:* TGC statement on the article* Check out Bethany Falker-Jones unpacking of the whole affair – 'Protestant Bodies, Protestant Bedrooms, and our furious need for a theology thereof'* Mikey Lynch, director of the Australian arm of TGC, has published a fascinating pushback on the original article – 'Don't Go Beyond What Is Written'
  1. Sexual Gospel
  2. Finding Family
  3. Connecting with Catholics
  4. We Are Free
  5. The hospitable heart
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